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tvschoenfilm - The Team

Wolfgang Schoen born in 1948. Until 1985, he was a theatre director and photographer in Frankfurt. Various national exhibitions. Since 1983 he is working as freelance film author for ARD and ZDF. Author of approximately 80 film articles about cultural, socio-political and contemporary historical subjects. Co-author of various series for ARD, ARTE and History Channel.
Holger Hillesheim born in 1959. After his studies in history and journalism at the University in Giessen, he worked for the ZDF. From 1989 until 1998 he was busy in the editorial department for contemporary history. Since the end of 1998, Holger Hillesheim is  a freelance author. He authored and co-authored of contemporary historical TV documentaries for ARD, ZDF, ARTE and History Channel. Holger Hillesheim is producer of tvschoenfilm.
Sebastian Kuhn born in 1983. Since 2004, he is working in the editorial area for the “Aktuell” department of the SWR Rheinland-Pfalz. Freelance work for tvschoenfilm as author, cameraman, sound engineer and cutter for ARD, 3Sat and ARTE productions.
Klaus Pawlitschko 

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